Year 4 2017/18

Summer Term

As an introduction to the theme on Rivers, our year 4s went on a visit to the Longshaw Estate in Derbyshire where they learnt all about the water cycle as well as completing two exciting river investigations. Carefully paddling through parts of the water, the children measured the speed of the river flow as well as the depth and length of different parts. Wet and wondrous, the children collected data which they used to produce work in Science, Maths and Art.

Many of the year 4s took part in a quick cricket festival this year, where they demonstrated their excellent cricket skills and again represented our school brilliantly.

To end our Year 4 learning journey, the children's theme is linked to Mayans and they are given the opportunity to learn about yummy chocolate!! The English and Reading focused on the famous, popular Roald Dahl book 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory' and the children have already produced some fantastic descriptive writing.

Watch out for information on our exciting 'Chocolate Day' where the children will participate in making their own chocolate ...

Spring Term

A move through History took our Year 4s to the era of the Celts and Romans.

They worked hard to produce more excellent narrative writing and extend their subject knowledge; describing how the Romans invaded Britain and explaining how Britain changed as a result of the Roman invasion. Using artefacts and timelines, the children became little historians and were involved in some fun, practical historical enquiries.

Enjoying another focused History day, the children dressed as Celts and Romans, participated in some fun drama based activities as well as making real sized shields and learning about Roman roads.

During some PE lessons, the children focused on the Key Steps Gymnastics Routine and were able to learn and perform this floor sequence after only a few weeks of practise!! Some of our talented year 4 gymnasts were selected to perform the routine as part of a LINKS gymnastics competition - they represented our school perfectly and made us very proud.

Autumn Term

During the Autumn term we learnt all about Ancient Greece and the children wrote their very own Greek myths which included their own mythological creatures.

At the end of this theme we celebrated by having a special Greek day. The children (and staff) dressed in Greek costumes, ate delicious Greek delicacies and performed fabulous Greek dances. Throughout the term, all the children worked hard to produce beautiful artwork on Greek frescos and vases, and the children became experts on Greek gods and goddesses.

Also, during the Autumn term the year 4s started their weekly swimming lessons to Hillsborough Leisure centre where many of the children reached their 25m swim target.

In Literacy and Reading, the children focused on the book, 'Iron Man' and produced some excellent pieces of writing including diary entries, descriptive writing and biographies. In DT the children made models of the Iron Man. We also had The Sound Man come in to school and spent the day learning about the science of sound, how musical instruments work, as well as making a variety of instruments.

Fantastically colourful self-portraits created at the start of the year to welcome all to Y4.