Integrated Resource 2017/18

Summer 2 2018

This half term has been a busy one for our children. It can be a challenging half term as children will experience changes to timetables and routines and begin to understand what will be the same and what will be different next year.

Transitional work has been a significant part of our learning this half term and teachers have been involved in meeting new children and developing profiles and transitional plans with them ahead of the new academic year. Children in Y6 have visited their secondary placements and have been involved in lots of visits and inductions to support their transition in September. We wish them all the very best for their next phase of education.

Children have continued to access our weekly sensory circuit session with the support of our LINKS sports coach Mark. They have challenged themselves with a range of activities focusing on proprioceptive and vestibular senses and we are beginning to build a profile for each child to inform a sensory daily diet. The children have continued to really enjoy this.

Children have been continuing to develop their mastery in Maths skills using lots of concrete and pictorial methods and have been embedding their knowledge around calculation and number bonds. Children have been involved in lots of multi-sensory learning individualised to support the teaching and learning within the classroom and outside.

In our English lessons this half term children have been learning the story of Sharing a Shell. Children were involved in retelling the story and really enjoyed learning about the different characters culminating in a class performance where costumes and puppets were used to recreate the story. We were all very impressed by the enthusiasm and expression everyone put into their performance.

Our weekly enrichment cooking activities have involved lots of multi-sensory based cross-curricular opportunities, involving schedules, measurement, tasting, touching and sharing. Our turn taking and waiting skills have certainly improved this year. Cracking eggs continues to be the highlight for many!

Social skills sessions in the classroom have helped to develop children's attention and listening skills. Ahead of the summer holidays children have been learning to develop strategies to help them to grasp an understanding of time so that they feel less anxious about when school ends and begins again. Our Friends Facilitator intervention has proven to be a real success with children accessing learning (through a structured programme) to manage thoughts feelings and actions.

Spring 2 2018

This half term has certainly been packed full of lots of exciting learning and experiences for our children.

Our weekly sensory diet workshops have been focused around activities that can help us to feel calm and those that can do the opposite!. We have been trying to develop personalised sensory diets to enable us to help regulate our emotions and feel empowered and more independent in managing our feelings.

This half term in Maths children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties and have been practising the use of language around position and direction in different contexts.

In English our book study has been Where the Wild Things Are. Children have loved dressing up as different Wild Things and have created their own settings and characters. Children have used drama to re-enact chapters of the book where they have enjoyed embodying the life of different characters.

Once again we really welcomed and relished Autism Acceptance Week. We have learnt about autism and differences between individuals who are autistic and those who are not. We have been spreading the message that this difference is positive. Understanding and accepting difference in this light is essential to the wellbeing, equality and happiness for all children at Nook Lane Junior School.

We were delighted and honoured to welcome Dr Luke Beardon into school for a workshop around supporting children with autism. Thank you so much to everyone who was able to attend. It proved to be an enlightening and inspiring session!

We finished Autism Acceptance Week with a whole school multi-coloured walk around Stannington village where we loved sharing a wave and a smile with everyone we met! Thank you for all the contributions towards this week which we will use to help support and resource activities, events and trips for those in our class.

Autumn 2 Term

What a busy, fun-filled half term!

Children have continued to access weekly interventions about feelings and thoughts this half term and have been applying newly acquired skills in different contexts. Children have been learning about self-regulation and are in the process of personalising individual 5 point scales.

In weekly music sessions children have been learning how to read a music score and have developed their skills in the playing of xylophones. Children have enjoyed playing and experimenting with tuned and un-tuned instruments. The children have been practising their end of term songs to perform for a final assembly on Friday.

Children in Year 5 from the Resource really enjoyed the opportunities and challenges that the Thornbridge Residential Trip offered. Some children were successful in staying all week while other children felt more comfortable accessing this on a daily basis. Overall this was a tremendous achievement for many of our children.

This half term in Maths children have practised addition and subtraction and have been solving problems that involve addition and subtraction, using concrete objects and pictorial representations, and missing number problems.

In English our book study has been Billy and the Minpins. Children have have been involved in a wealth of multisensory learning opportunities involving the creation of a Minpin house using lollipop sticks and some fantastic 3D collages of the Forest of Sin using natural resources from around the school.

This year's Grotto was another tremendous success as Santa's Elves and Santa himself visited Nook Lane in a magical 'White Christmas' themed Grotto. Children and the IR team worked very hard to make sure the experience was enjoyed by all.

Santa's Grotto 2017