A day in the life of Nook Lane

About the school

Nook Lane Junior School is a community, co-educational school catering for children in the 7+ to 10+ range.

We are a warm, welcoming school that serves the local Stannington area and the wider Sheffield community, incorporating a 12 place Integrated Resource for children with Language/Autistic Spectrum/ Communication Difficulties.

The school is situated in the heart of the Stannington community, amid lush surroundings, overlooking the Loxley Valley and offering excellent outdoor facilities for sports and leisure.

The School Day

8.40 - 8.55am Children arrive in the playground
8.50 - 8.55am Children go into the classroom
8.55am Registration
10.45 - 11.00am Morning Break
12.15 - 1.25pm Lunch
2.30 - 2.40pm Afternoon break
3.35pm End of the school day

Organisation of Classes

The school is organised at present into four year groups, with two mixed ability classes in each year, totalling 8 classes plus an Integrated Resource. Children spend the majority of their time with their own class teacher.

There is a statutory duty to allow teachers some time during the school day to plan, prepare and assess work for their classes. At these times children will be taught by other staff. When funding allows extra staffing, smaller groups or sets are sometimes formed. Teachers plan the curriculum in year teams and each class follows a very similar programme of work to the other class in that age group.

Admission Arrangements for Mainstream Pupils

Children who attend Stannington Infant School are given first priority for places at Nook Lane Junior School but all parents must make an application to the Local Authority admissions department.

Each child will receive a personalised letter and guidance leaflet via Stannington Infants, which will guide parents through the process of applying on-line, by telephone or with a paper application. Applications for children at other schools also have to be made via the admissions department.

Mainstream pupils - admission mid-year

Any parents/carers who express an interest in their child attending Nook Lane Junior School are invited for a discussion with the Headteacher and for a tour of the school. They are then advised to contact Admissions and the school awaits a decision from the Admissions Office. Once the school is officially notified that a place is being made available for a child, arrangements are made for the child to visit with their parents/carers and then a date is agreed for the pupil to start attending the school.

In those rare situations where the school feels that they cannot take a child due to classes being full or over-full, the Headteacher is invited to attend an Admissions Appeal Panel along with the parents of the child and a representative from Admissions, where a decision is made regarding the child's placement.

Admission arrangements for Pupils in the Integrated Resource

Intake of new pupils in September for the Integrated Resource

Parents and carers of prospective pupils for the Nook Lane Junior School's IR are routinely shown around the school by the IR leader or the Headteacher on an appointment basis, initially in groups. Parents/carers who are then interested in considering Nook Lane Junior School for their child, will inform the local authority of their preferences.


The local authority SEND Section conducts a consultation process with the Headteacher or IR leader about prospective pupils joining the school's IR. The leader of the IR and/or Headteacher respond to any consultation within 15 working days following a visit to the school that the child currently attends or after speaking with a key member of staff (e.g. SENCO) at the school and reading paperwork (usually the EHCP) regarding the child.

Once a place has been agreed for a pupil, a series of transition visits over the summer term are arranged with the parents/carers and child to enable the pupil to become accustomed to their new surroundings and staff.

Mid-year transitions

Whilst every effort is made to avoid children moving mid-year to the IR, when this does occur, the protocols outlined above are applied.

Liaison with other Schools

We have close links with Stannington Infant School, our linked feeder school. Pupils in Year 2 and Year 5 work together on various projects each year and this leads to a 'buddy' system in September. During the summer term a Year 2/3 transition programme enables close liaison to ensure continuity and awareness of the needs of individual children.

The majority of our children go to Bradfield School at the end of Year 6. There are opportunities in the summer term to visit secondary schools and familiarisation activities are set up. The local authority gives full information about how to apply for a secondary school place, sent through school at the beginning of Year 6.

Working Together in Schools

At Nook Lane our aim is to maintain a positive ethos, where care and consideration for others are paramount. It involves all those who are concerned with the school - children, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and Governors, and encourages support from the local community and the wider Sheffield community.