Welcome to our Breakfast Club!

Parents' Testaments

I would like to express my gratitude for the Breakfast Club that you provide ...

A warm welcome is always on offer when you arrive at Nook Lane Breakfast Club. My daughter loves Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Cooper ... especially their toast-making skills which are the best (apparently I can never make it like them!!) There is always a lovely atmosphere and the kiddies all seem to mix well and the conversation always seems to be flowing. All pupils enjoy a great breakfast followed by chill-out and the chance to play together ... a great start to the school day. I am confident that my daughter is well cared for by two lovely members of staff and would recommend the Breakfast Club to other parents ... thank you for everything Mrs K and Mrs C.

Parent of Y5 child

Our two children have started at Nook Lane Breakfast Club this year and we are delighted by the service which is provided. They look forward to meeting friends before school and the staff are always very kind and welcoming. I often feel redundant as they are disappointed when it's my turn to bring them to school rather than attending breakfast club and I don't seem to be able to manage to make toast like Mrs Cooper! Our children have also attended after school club once and again we were thoroughly impressed with the individual care and attention given. The activities on offer seemed very varied and engaging. Both children cannot wait for us to work late so that can attend again.

Parent of Y1 and Y4 children

Breakfast Club is a fun and safe environment for our girls where they get to have breakfast with their friends and time to play after. There is plenty to keep them engaged after breakfast with the resources available in school. One of the big advantages for us is that they are already settled into the school day before it begins. The Breakfast Club team are all really friendly and take time to get to know the girls which puts them, and us, at ease.

Parents of Y3 and Y5 children

The Breakfast Club aims:

  • to provide the highest possible standard of care in a secure, caring and supportive environment, where children feel comfortable and happy before starting the school day.
  • to enable children to eat breakfast before school in a pleasant, relaxed environment.
  • to help children be more aware of healthier foods to have for breakfast.
  • to create opportunities to support learning (by having a homework and reading station).
  • to employ caring, qualified supervisory staff.

The Breakfast Club will provide:

  • a healthy breakfast including cereal, toast, fruit and a drink.
  • a choice of activity after breakfast .. such as drawing, board games, crafts, outside play and reading help!
  • a calm atmosphere, where children can relax ready for the day ahead.
  • respect for any dietary, religious or medical requirements


The Club is subject to the School's policies and procedures. Copies of all our policies are available from the school office on request.

Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment has been carried out by the Breakfast Club Leader in line with the school's policy.


Children attending the Breakfast Club are expected to behave according to the expectations set out in the School Behaviour Policy. Incidents of inappropriate behaviour at the Breakfast Club will be reported to the Headteacher.


There is one Breakfast Club leader, Kay Kennedy, and one member of staff, Carol Cooper; both have an enhanced CRB and a certificate in Food Hygiene. Volunteer helpers, with enhanced CRB, will also be on duty. In addition to this a First Aider and the school caretaker are on site.


Children should arrive at 7.45; no responsibility will be taken for children arriving before this time. Entrance to the Breakfast Club is via the main school entrance (Breakfast Club Buzzer). Children will be directed to the meeting room where the club is held. A light healthy breakfast will be served. A variety of activities will be on offer in the dinning area, hall and the playground, weather permitting. Children will remain in the care of the Breakfast Club staff until 8.45 when they will be allowed onto the school yard.


Children will be served a choice of foods, including cereals, toast, bagels, croissants, fruit, milk and fruit juice.

Place Availability

Parents/Carers wishing to book their child into the Breakfast Club should enquire at the School Office. Places are strictly limited and if the club is over subscribed a waiting list will be held.


There is a registration fee of £3.75 per session (a booking cannot be accepted unless accompanied by the full fee). Sessions must be paid for even if the child does not attend.


All fees are to be paid in advance. Cheques should be made to Nook Lane Junior School.

Contact Details

Nook Lane Junior School Office.

Tel: 0114 2341097

Printable Versions

Alternatively, you can download our Breakfast Club leaflet (MS Word document) or our Breakfast Club Flyer (.pdf format).