Citizenship Awards 2018/19

Autumn Term Citizenship Award Assembly 2018

Just after Christmas we held our termly Citizenship Award Assembly. As always, the assembly was really well attended by parents, grandparents and other family members of the amazing children who were nominated for this very special award.

It was fantastic to hear all about the wonderful contributions that so many of our children have made and are making to help the school community, the local community and the wider community be a better place. We are so proud of the children's wonderful achievements!

Our school focus is how to have a fabulously positive and happy school! Mrs Wilkinson talked about having red and green thoughts to help us get the best from the day. Your red thoughts, like a traffic light, stop you from moving forward but your green thoughts, positive ones, help you to move forward!

We want everyone at school to feel good about their day and want to focus on the quote 'Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day' to help us to be grateful for the positive parts of our day, be mindful of our responsibility in helping others to have a positive day and be resilient in working on things becoming better.

We have always used Mrs Wilkinson's favourite word, YET, to help us do this!

Mrs Wilkinson will be organising the next Citizenship Award Assembly at the end of the spring term where we will be looking for those children who have really worked on their happiness muscle!