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Writing is at the centre of our curriculum at Nook Lane. We are passionate about children becoming lifelong writers who use writing as a vehicle for creativity and want all children at Nook Lane to be able to express their thoughts and ideas clearly through the written word.

Although writing is delivered in discrete sessions, we make strong links across the curriculum, ensuring that children apply their wider knowledge to what they are writing and vice versa. Children are immersed in vocabulary throughout the curriculum and are encouraged to use this vocabulary in everything they write.

By the time they leave Year Six, children will have developed a love for writing as well as the skills needed to write accurately for a range of purposes and audiences using appropriate vocabulary and grammar to enhance their writing. We create resilient and independent writers who are able to reflect on, edit and improve their work. By matching teaching techniques and strategies to a range of learning styles, we strive for an enriched and inclusive writing curriculum fostering a culture of enjoyment, engagement and high expectations.


At Nook Lane Junior School, we aspire to help children develop as writers by prioritising the following key intentions:

W1  It is our intention that writing is taught progressively with the spelling, punctuation and grammar skills outlined in the National Curriculum covered in each year group.
W2  Children will learn the skills needed to write clearly, accurately and coherently for a specific purpose (to inform, entertain, persuade or discuss) and for a specific audience, tailoring their vocabulary, punctuation and grammar choices accordingly. The punctuation, vocabulary and grammar needed to write for each purpose will be built upon each year.
W3  Children will be exposed to a wide range of genres and writing styles and the skills needed to write in these styles will be taught progressively throughout their time at Nook Lane.
W4  We aim for children to write fluently with a cursive style and apply this writing style to their work across the curriculum.
W5  Children will develop a rich and varied vocabulary through modelled writing, reading high quality texts, discrete vocabulary sessions and teachers having high expectations of oral responses. Children will be expected to apply this vocabulary across their writing and in discussion.
W6  Punctuation and grammar will be taught in context and with a purpose so that children can apply these concepts to their writing for its effect and impact on the reader.
W7  Children will become confident spellers, spelling new words by effectively applying the spelling rules they are taught to their work across the curriculum.

Key Concepts

Throughout their learning, children will develop an in-depth understanding of the following concepts that are continually returned to and discussed within each unit of learning so children improve as writers.

  1. Spelling
  2. Punctuation and grammar
  3. Genre
  4. Audience
  5. Purpose
  6. Vocabulary
  7. Word choice

Writing Key Intentions and Concepts





  Our Writing key intentions
  and concepts are captured within
  our Writing Logo.







  • Writing is taught in the 'Immerse, Read, Analyse, Plan, Draft, Review, Publish' sequence.
  • Key spelling, punctuation and grammar concepts are identified at the beginning of each unit and focused on throughout to enable children to write effectively for the intended purpose.
  • Writing is taught four times per week in every year group in two to three week units in order to expose children to a wide range of different text types.
  • Children apply the skills they have learned in writing sessions to writing across the curriculum.
  • Children will be expected to apply the Nook Lane 'Must-Haves' in all of their writing.
  • We will provide a vocabulary rich environment for our children through the use of continually updated working walls, vocabulary displays, word mats and the discrete teaching of vocabulary. Exposing children to and explicitly teaching tier two and three words ensures children build a rich and varied vocabulary and are able to apply this to their writing.
  • Spelling rules will be taught using the Read, Write Inc Spelling three times per week in each year group with children accessing the spelling group which matches their spelling age or small group phonics sessions if required.
  • Punctuation and grammar will be taught as part of each writing unit to give children the opportunity to apply their skills in writing.


  • Children at Nook Lane will have a high level of academic success. The vast majority of our pupils achieve national expectations and a significant proportion of our pupils exceed them. Relative to their starting points, our children make good progress.
  • Lessons are taught progressively from one year group to the next ensuring that children build on concepts taught in previous years to write increasingly complex texts.
  • Children develop and are able to identify the skills needed to write effectively across a variety of writing styles and genres.
  • Children use a rich and varied vocabulary in both their written work and in discussion.
  • Children write fluently and in a cursive style.
  • Children express their creativity through writing, develop a lifelong passion for writing and be able to express their ideas clearly through the written word.
  • Children become reflective writers, able to edit their work effectively.


Our Curriculum: Writing subject booklet gives full details of:

  • National Curriculum
  • Overview of Learning by Yeargroup, and
  • Knowledge & Skills Progression

Download it and take a look!

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