Educational Visits / Residential Activities

Residential visits are condsidered extremely beneficial for children and the school is appreciative of the willingness of the staff to organise such activities. They are always subject to review.

During their time at Nook Lane, children are usually given the opportunity to take part in two residential experiences, one in Year 5 and one in Year 6.


Thornbridge Hall is an Outdoor Education Centre situated near Great Longstone in Derbyshire.

We hope that all the children have the opportunity to take part in a residential visit at Thornbridge Hall during Year 5. The emphasis is on problem-solving and team-building work, and of course, lots of fun.

To see more exciting information about Thornbridge Outdoors, including the accommodation and the many activities available, please visit the Thornbridge Outdoors website.

Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre

Here are a few photographs from the Year 6 residential. We spent three days at Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre where we tried caving, canoeing and climbing.