Leading Parent Partnership

Leading Parent Partnership Award 2019

Nook Lane Junior School is delighted to announce that we have again successfully achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award.

Thank you so much for your suggestions and valuable feedback which will continue to inform our next steps.

The latest LPPA Verification Report 2019 is available to download.


Leading Parent Partnership - Pupil feedback

We have asked our children to suggest ideas about how they would like to see parents becoming involved in and around school.

As always, our children have the most amazing ideas and we are sure that some of the ideas will take place!

  • Come and do sport with us!
  • Draw portraits of our parents and they draw portraits of us.
  • 'Give us an hour' - parents to come in school for an hour to help out at least once during the year.
  • Have lunch with us.
  • Parent skills day to show us how to do things in class.
  • Parent skills day - children teach parents how to do things.
  • Come and support our school trips.
  • Come and cook with us and then we can have a bake sale!
  • A parent/child sports club/activity.
  • More craft with parents - this already happens
  • Parents come in and watch their child's assembly presentation during pupil voice assembly.
  • Careers day talks - this is starting to happen already.
  • Parents bring a book to school to share with us.
  • Family day - grandparents to be invited in to talk to the class or to watch one of our lessons, including computing.

Leading Parent Partnership - Parent feedback

What could Nook Lane do to enhance the partnership between home and school?

  • More communication about supporting the mental health and well-being of pupils.
  • How to support reading at home.
  • Information about book levels and suitable books to read.
  • Website can be hard to navigate.
  • Send letters more in advance.
  • What books are being read in class.
  • Use of Twitter to show learning that is taking place.
  • Lots of notice for meetings due to work rota.
  • Bradfield transition - provide a bus map/timetable, 2 transition days.
  • Curriculum evenings for new year not just for Y3.
  • More opportunities to come in to school.
  • Bring back the coffee mornings.
  • Parent evening later in the term, not after 6 weeks.
  • Sessions about teaching and learning.
  • Parent evening later in term, 6 weeks in too soon!
  • Longer parent evening slot.
  • Courtesy emails to parents so they don't worry that their emails haven't been received.
  • Communication regarding reading levels/bands to ensure correct levels are selected.
  • Communicate teaching methods.
  • Understand the change from being in class in Y2 but would like to be able to have a quick informal catch up with teachers.
  • More information from governors.
  • Sign post after school activities - especially for Year 4.
  • Limit number of separate letters going home.
  • Would like to see our child's new class teacher in the summer term before they go to the next year group.
  • Teachers be available from 8.45am and allow parents to collect from classrooms.

We asked, you said, we did.

'More information about supporting the mental health and well-being of pupils.'

  • We have held a coffee morning to discuss how Nook Lane supports emotional health and well-being. We have a Parent Information evening planned for June 2019.
  • There is an Emotional Health & Well-Being area on the school website.
  • Nook Lane is part of the Healthy Minds project and has gathered information from parents regarding focus areas to support at home.

'Please give lots of notice for meetings due to our work commitments.'

  • We use ParentMail to inform families about events and any changes to events.
  • Meetings for parents of children with additional needs receive dates for meetings at least a month in advance.
  • School newsletters with diary dates for parents.
  • 'Key dates for your diary' area on the school website.

'More opportunities to come in to school.'

  • We have held Christmas craft day and Easter craft day.
  • World Book day parent reading session.
  • Christmas and Halloween fun runs.
  • Parent led talk in class/whole school to talk about their jobs and areas of interest.
  • Invites to accompany classes on trips and visits.
  • STEM day in Year 4.
  • Year 6 Dragon's Den event.
  • Year 5 SEAL lesson attended by parents.
  • Welcome Wednesday to be arranged for the summer term.
  • Coffee mornings held every half term or more.
  • Parent and child netball and much more!!!

'Bring back the coffee mornings.'

  • We have had several coffee mornings this year for parents of children with additional needs, maths focus, reading focus, emotional health and well-being focus, the curriculum and parent partnership review.
  • There will be coffee mornings in the summer term looking at spelling, PE and a general discussion morning.

'Information about reading levels and ways to support reading at home.'

  • We shared information with parents during our spring term parent evenings and provided information about suitable texts and strategies to use at home.
  • During SEN review meetings we share information about how to support reading and comprehension skills at home.
  • Parents are invited in to school to observe the interventions used to support reading.

'More information from governors.'

  • We have invited governors to contribute on school newsletters and on the school website.
  • School governors attend coffee mornings and other in school events to liaise with parents.

'We would like to see/meet our child's next class teacher at the end of the summer term.'

  • We are arranging a moving up afternoon in July and parents will be invited to call in to see their child's new class teacher at the end of the afternoon.

Nook Lane Junior School Questionnaire 2018

  Strongly agree Agree Not sure Disagree Strongly disagree
Nook Lane creates an environment that is warm, welcoming and inclusive. 67% 32% 0.5% 0.5%
Nook Lane cultivates positive attitudes to learning and life. 58% 40% 2%
Nook Lane challenges and supports children to be the best learners that they can be. 55% 42% 2% 1%
Nook Lane encourages a passion for learning. 57% 42% 1%
Nook Lane provides a rich curriculum. 55% 41% 2% 2%
Nook Lane values the voice of the pupil and family. 54% 36% 10%
Nook Lane supports the physical health of pupils through school events, clubs and participation in sporting events outside of school. 54% 36% 7% 3% 1%
Nook Lane supports the mental health and well-being of pupils. 59% 37% 3% 1%
Nook Lane works closely with families. 47% 44% 8% 1%
Nook Lane supports and encourages pupils to be responsible and caring global citizens. 54% 42% 2% 1%
Nook Lane provides families with clear and detailed information about the school - letters, website etc. 47% 45% 6% 2%
Nook Lane encourages a close and positive working partnership between home and school. 52% 38% 1% 4% 1%
Nook Lane responds positively and effectively to parental concerns. 50% 37% 11% 2%
Nook Lane supports families in helping their children to learn. 57% 39% 4%
Transition arrangements between Stannington Infant School and Nook Lane is effective and prepares pupils for the next stage in their education. 64% 28% 8%
Transition from Nook Lane to secondary school is well supported. 40% 33% 22% 5%
Nook Lane provides a high level of care for its pupils. 60% 38% 2%


What are the things that Nook Lane already does well to make a good partnership between home and school?

  • Parents evenings.
  • SEN review meetings.
  • Discos, circus, BBQs, craft fayres, plays, sports day.
  • Excels in communication.
  • Made to feel welcome.
  • Everyone is friendly and helpful.
  • Really approachable teachers.
  • Teachers always ready to discuss concerns which are resolved quickly.
  • Use of Parentmail and website, frequent letters home.
  • Clear information, help with homework.
  • Weekly messages, newsletters.
  • Theme overview and home learning.
  • Special assemblies for celebrating success.
  • Fantastic communication during snow!
  • Amazing transition from Y2 to Y3.
  • Fostering a love of learning.
  • School provides excellent support system for pupils.
  • Phone calls if problems.
  • Good communication and regular meetings.
  • Supporting activities outside of school.
  • Supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Easy to contact teachers and quick responses.
  • Reading diaries.
  • Open door policy.
  • Parent opinion valued.
  • Parents made to feel included with opportunities for parents to join in with events and activities.
  • Feel confident that concerns are listened to, I trust the staff.
  • First point of contact - the office - very friendly.
  • Concerns dealt with quickly, professionally and kindly.
  • Concerns or worries about home learning dealt with quickly
  • Excellent varied curriculum.
  • Regular contact about my child's needs.
  • Teachers support social problems well.
  • Transition within school each year.
  • Recognising areas of difficulty - assessment and talking with parents, making them feel supported and informed.
  • Support for special needs is excellent.
  • Staff go the extra mile to enhance pupil experience - trips and residentials.

Healthy Minds Survey - February 2019

Sheffield Healthy Minds is a project that aims to promote better links between Child and adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and education, in order to better promote emotional wellbeing and early recognition of mental health difficulties.

Here you can find a summary of the data collected from the Healthy Minds surveys completed by Nook Lane Junior School in February 2019. These surveys supply a snapshot as to staff, students' and parents' experience of young people's mental health within the context of the school environment. As there are no norms to benchmark this data against, we need to be cautious about how we interpret the results.

The aim of this exercise is to give your school and your link CAMHS clinician some direction as to what could be fruitful areas of intervention in supporting emotional wellbeing within your school. We hope to work in partnership with you to identify key areas of intervention to address your students' emotional wellbeing at a whole school level, thinking systemically about what areas could be improved and addressing the needs of the most vulnerable students by enhancing and supporting pastoral staff skills through reflective practice.

Parent Feedback - Update

Coffee mornings

Over the last year we have held a number of coffee mornings with themes suggested by parents. Teachers have enjoyed sharing their subject with families and here are some of the comments and feedback that we have received.

Supporting pupils with additional needs at Nook Lane

  • "Very informative. Was able to discuss lots of areas."
  • "Great to see how our children are being supported and useful strategies for home."
  • "We feel confident that our daughter is working with someone who knows her learning needs really well."
  • "It was a great meeting, especially good to find out behind the scenes things that go in class and out of class."
  • "Everything was explained really well."
  • "Good to meet teaching assistants to put faces to names."
  • "Total appreciation for the practical support and the nurturing environment my son is in."


  • "A very informative session."
  • "It was important for me to know the method being used to help me to support my son with homework."
  • "I think it would be useful to have these examples for parents and children when sending homework."
  • "Great strategies with lots of explanation, my daughter has really enjoyed the Maths club too."


  • "Really helped provide me with updates and reminders on reading comprehension skills."
  • "I have felt it useful to discuss relevant quality books."
  • "The discussion about the reading timetable at school was helpful."
  • "Everything about the reading programme was explained and the tasks were also explained."
  • "Our opinion was asked for regarding reading in school, I feel that this can support the school's reading policy to make it really clear."

Emotional Health & Well-Being

  • "Learnt so much. I was impressed with how the children are taught about their emotional well-being."
  • "Really useful to understand the terms and tactics used in school. Got a lot out of the meeting and this would be useful to share more widely."
  • "Good discussion around contemporary issues for today's children. Great to hear about strategies used in school. Our children are really nurtured and fortunate."
  • "The value of this is much appreciated."
  • "It has helped me with understanding my child's well-being and what she needs to be happy and calm."

Next steps:

  • Parents will be invited to suggest the focus for our next set of coffee mornings in the autumn term and school will arrange the meetings at different times during the day and different days to ensure as many parents as possible can attend.

Subject Policy Reviews and subject feedback


An online questionnaire was completed by families to find out about delivery and provision of sport at Nook Lane.

7.5/10 was given for how much children enjoyed sport at school.

Children appeared to enjoy all sports offered equally.

81% of families felt their child did 30-60 minutes of activity each day. 70% said that their child does this amount of time outside of school. 95% of families said that they would be happy to pay for an after school club and 98% said that they would be willing to contribute towards the cost of transport to sporting events.

Some parents offered to use their own expertise in running a club at school.

Parent would like clear guidance about what children are learning in PE.

Parent would like to see Yoga become part of the curriculum.

Parents would like more dance, gymnastics, rugby, self -defence and martial arts.

Next steps: Mr Cornelius and Miss Braithwaite are investigating accessing a Yoga coach, kick boxing after school club, how to help increase activity for some children, developing a list of outside school clubs, producing a whole school timetable to share with parents on the school website.

Design Technology

Mrs Parkin shared the current policy with parents of children accessing the STEM Club.

Parent would like their child to have DT lessons more often. They felt that all areas of DT were covered well with regard to the current DT curriculum. A parent offered to come in to school to talk about her role in making equipment and invite children to see the manufacturing process at their factory. Parents felt that the policy was clear, had enough detail and was relatively jargon free!


Miss Mayes Cooper shared the Science Policy with a group of parents from her year group.

Parents felt that science engages children at Nook Lane and a wide range of aspects are covered. Parents felt that the policy was easy to read and found it useful to see the different subjects within science being taught. Children have told their parent that they would like more experiments.

Next steps:

  • Teachers will be reviewing their subject and aspect policies throughout the year and invite parents to participate in this process.
  • Home Learning will be reviewed in the autumn term and parents will be invited to participate in the process.

Family events

Fun runs

  • "What a joy to be involved in the Santa Fun Run. It was a great chance to meet and chat with other parents and great to see everyone having a go!"
  • "Great fun and noticed kids who weren't able to have parents present being supported and encouraged by other parents, it felt like a really cohesive event."


  • "Fantastic Fun!"
  • "It was my time to shine!"
  • "Great opportunity for a chill out together."
  • "What a great opportunity to get involved and play alongside our children."

Year 6 VE Day tea party

  • "It's a great opportunity for parents to socialize with family, friends and other parents."
  • "We absolutely loved every part of the event."
  • "Wonderful afternoon! The dancing, singing and cakes were fantastic!"
  • "Children were brilliant, a real credit to the school."
  • "A special afternoon, thoroughly enjoyed it all!"

Christmas and Easter Family Craft days

These days are always a huge success and there were so many positive comments. Here are a few.

  • "Lovely family time together."
  • "Can we have more, so good to spend time together in school."
  • "What an amazing day, we learnt so much and had a giggle too!"
  • "Quality time making unique items with my daughter, will hold memories forever."
  • "Fun. I could bring my 2 year old which is great!"
  • "Loved every minute of it, all of the preparation and organisation were brilliant."
  • "A lovely experience for me and my mum. Wish it would never end."
  • Next steps: An art fortnight has been arranged in the summer term with a gallery evening to celebrate the work.

Year 4 STEM day

  • "Fantastic communication between the children. Excellent team work."
  • "The activities were really well co-ordinated and our table really engaged and problem solved together."
  • "Excellent way to learn basic skills."
  • "Loved being involved."

Online Safety evening

  • "Very interesting. I will be talking a lot more about it with my children."
  • "Learnt lots and appreciate the links for further information and support."
  • "A really good presentation with lots of useful info to help me feel more in control of my children when online."
  • "Frightening! But really useful and informative."
  • Next steps: Mr Thornton will be sending home an online safety questionnaire to families in the summer term to investigate how confident families feel about supporting safety.

Parent Evening feedback

The vast majority scored the evening as 5/5 for being informative, useful and supportive. Parents felt that the feedback regarding how to support learning at home was clear and practical. Parents appreciated the reading information packs and having the opportunity to discuss strategies in maths and spelling too. Parents felt that there was a good balance between academic progress and emotional health and well-being progress.

Parent felt that their child's class teacher understood their learning profile and were prepared and organised in how they shared information, not full of jargon! Parent felt confident in knowing the next steps in their child's learning journey and how to support.

Some parents would like an additional evening in the summer term. Some parents felt that 10 minutes was not long enough. Teachers did sometimes take longer and therefore timings were sometimes running over.

Next steps:

  • Parents' evenings will continue to take place in the autumn and spring terms with an end of year report in the summer term.
  • Nook Lane has an open door policy and parents are invited to make an appointment to see their child's class teacher as needed throughout the year.
  • Termly review meetings will continue to take place for children with additional needs.

Parent information and training events

  • Coffee mornings - reading, spelling, PE, maths, supporting children with SEND, emotional health and well-being.
  • Online safety information evening.
  • Emotional health & well-being information evening.
  • Autism Awareness week - guest speaker for parents.

Family activities

  • Christmas and Hallowe'en fun runs
  • Christmas and Easter craft days
  • World Book day - parents invited in to school to read
  • Parent talks
  • Mountain Rescue fundraiser - parent and child stalls
  • Nook Lane Friday running club
  • Parent vs Kids netball events
  • Year 6 VE tea party for families
  • Christmas and Easter service at Christ Church
  • Year 4 STEM day
  • Nook Lane Family Plant Sale
  • Nook Lane Family Easter egg competition
  • Year 3 Christmas tree walk
  • Music recitals
  • Year 4 river visit with families
  • Nooker Poetry Prize for families
  • Harvest Festival - families contributing towards contributions to homeless charity
  • Year group visits to places of worship

See individual events, registers and feedback comments.