Peer Mediation at Nook Lane

Every year we invite Year 6 children to train to become Peer Mediators in school.

The volunteers receive training in how to develop conflict resolution in school during playtimes. The volunteers will help children resolve their differences during playtime and suggest ways of reaching a 'win win' situation by talking about their differences.

This has been a really successful project in school over the last 4 years and we have a fabulous team of Peer mediators this year. So much so that Bradfield Dungworth School asked if we would support their children in learning the skills to do the role.

Our team were amazing and has a really successful afternoon completing role play activities to help children understand how to manage low level conflict and upsets on the playground.

Also this year, a small group of our Peer Mediators attended a Sheffield wide Peer Mediator Conference with Mrs Quick. They had a fabulous day where they had the opportunity to work with Peer Mediators from other schools across the city.

Meet the Nook Lane Peer Mediators


The programmes are run by CRESST, who work directly with children, young people, and adults in their communities across Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

More information can be found on the CRESST website.

How Peer Mediation Works

Peer Mediation is proving to be a major success at Nook Lane. We have a daily rota of children trained in conflict resolution who are available to mediate and help children to resolve their differences amicably. (Clearly, major disputes would always be dealt with by staff in school.)

We feel that it is incredibly important that children learn to be emotionally literate, to be reflective, to empathise and that they are given crucial life skills to deal with conflict and disagreements as they occur in a mature, considered way.

Information for parents

The peer mediation session was very enjoyable and parents who attended gave very positve feedback. Thanks to all who attended.