Nooker Prize Poetry

The Nooker Prize 2017

Recently we announced the winners of The Nooker Poetry Prize 2017. At an assembly attended by parents we listened to the 10 winners and Mr Peter Naldrett presented prizes donated by Friends of Nook Lane.

The quality of the poems was very high this year and the theme of 'Freedom' seemed to set the imagination free. It was very difficult to pick a winner, but in a sense everyone was a winner. There were some memorable images contained in the poems, such as:

Reckless rockets dancing with the stars

Excellent explosions shooting to Mars


Head first I burst my bubble of trouble and




As the winning poem from Grace Dalton put it:

My mind is filled with pleasure at this treasure


Words, words, words

















1st Prize - 'When I read'

When I read

I do a good deed


I wash my mind

In a bath of words


Head first.

I don't care if it's about

School or a curse or even

A cat in a hat or about

A house with a welcome mat.

I love fiction, it's an addiction.

My mind is filled with pleasure at this treasure


Words, words, words

Grace Dalton

2nd Prize - 'Fireworks'

Flashes of colour flying overhead

Indescribable guns waking children in bed

Reckless rockets dancing with the stars

Excellent explosions, shooting to Mars

Whizzing, whoosing, whistling wonders

Outstanding, amazing, marvellous noise makers

Racing like a shooting star

Kids can see wherever you are

Shouting at children from the air

Amelie Surridge

3rd Prize

Every day I go

I go slow

Relaxing not shouting


Every day I see

The other side of Loxley

Cars zooming up the hill

Lights turning off and on,

The dog running with skill.


I hear

I hear the wind howling

Cars hissing

My insides are no longer fizzing


I see

My dog's ears blowing

Dirt flying

The trees moving

I feel my anger dying.

Jake Haywood

4th Prize - 'Freedom'

Freedom is going out

And seeing all of your friends

Playing with them until the day ends

Outside in a massive garden

Until you get called in for tea

And after that you get off to bed

And you have these crazy dreams

That you can run faster than light

You can answer the hardest questions

And you can lift the heaviest things

And when you wake up you find it's true!


But sadly you have chores to do.

Wipe the windows, mop the floors,

Clean the bath, wash yourself,

Get ready for the visitors.

And when they come they're all tired out

So you sit down to watch a movie

A really cool one.

Charlie Whincup

5th Prize - 'Trampolining'

Freedom is a front flip with two people

You bounce as high as the sky and you see over the hedge, the pebble rocky road

And small people walking by.

Freedom is when you roll in warm air.

When we bounce we feel like we are in a circus

I do it with my friend Hermione, we love it

We feel relaxed when we do it.

It feels like we are as free as a flock of birds in the air.

You can just let go.

I would bounce every day if I could.

Olivia Walker

Highly Commended

I feel most free when I am with my dad,

I feel as free as an eagle gliding across the sunset,

I feel as free as a flower dancing in the breeze.

I feel as free as a teacher with no children!

Nadia Mirreh

Highly Commended

Feeling trusted on my own,

Rushing to the park to see my friends,

Enjoying life,

Excited to go to the park tomorrow,

Dreading to go to bed,

On the swings with wind blowing in my face,

Moving around, playing hide and seek.

Maisie Gilchrist

Highly Commended - 'Tractor Ride'

Shining sun in the clear blue sky

Excitement and happiness fill my body

The engine is humming and chugging away

Combine Harvester in the distance

Driving over patchwork fields of yellow and green.

Hay balls are left behind

For when winter comes.

Luke Taylor-Phillips

Highly Commended - 'When I slide'

When I slide I clear my mind in the water

When I slide I feel like I'm on a ride

Or maybe a roller coaster

Head first I burst my bubble of trouble and




Isabella C

Highly Commended - 'Deep Sleep'

When I'm asleep I dream of

Blue skies and having fun.

I enjoy playing out in the sun,

Being things you can't imagine

Like being a judge in a beauty pageant.


It's like being in another world

Sometimes I get my hair curled

And own my own theme park.

I didn't do homework

And I didn't get a mark




(or else)

Amber Burgess