Nooker Prize Poetry

The Nooker Prize 2019

It is always pleasure to introduce the Nooker Prize-winning poems.

This year the poems deal with the thorny subject of 'truth' in their own ingenious ways. It is clear from reading them that our young poets have weighed and valued every word so carefully in order to produce such witty, elegant, musical and deeply thoughtful poems. They reveal what you can achieve when you really take notice in the world.

This year's Nooker Prize was won by Mia Wang-Cowham, but the level of quality meant that everyone was a winner.

The winning entries are all printed in an anthology which available to download:
The Nooker Prize Anthology 2019 : TRUTH

1st Prize - 'On to war we march'

On to war we march,

A crisp new uniform protecting us,

An air of power around us,

The flag raised high,

People parting before you,

Footsteps in unison,

The heartbeat of our country,

A highly polished rifle,

Held tall in our strong arms,

Now we feel complete,

With this honour bestowed upon us,

We are as tall as the sky.


We are as small as flies,

With this terror weighed upon us,

We are all torn apart,

Sagging in our arms,

A dusty battered rifle,

That weighs or country's soul,

We plod out of order,

People dying before us,

The flag sags to the ground,

An air of despair hangs around us,

A torn ragged uniform weakens us,

On to war we go.

Mia Wang-Cowham Y6DC

The Nooker Prize Reading at Stannington Library

We are delighted that the library has hosted this event for the last couple of years. The children read their poems beautifully and it was a very special atmosphere in the library.

Sheffield Live recorded the event and we are in the process of doing some links so it can be edited. We will let you know when there is a transmission date.