Ofsted Report

Our latest and previous Ofsted Reports can be viewed on the Ofsted website.

Alternatively, our 2014 Ofsted Report is available to download.

What the inspectors said in March 2014 . . .

Summary of key findings:

  • "Leadership and management are good overall. There are some outstanding features. The headteacher provides very effective leadership of the school, with a clear understanding of what works well and what remains to be improved. This strong vision, effective communication skills and a clearly identified route for development have contributed towards improving teaching and learning in recent years."
  • "The very effective leadership of the headteacher has driven recent school improvement and is increasing the rate of progress made in key areas."
  • "The headteacher is very well supported by the deputy headteacher, assistant headteacher and literacy and numeracy leaders, all of whom demonstrated outstanding teaching during the inspection. Monitoring records and pupils work indicate that this is regular practice."
  • "Staff at all levels work together well as a team to move learning forward."
  • "This very strong modelling of outstanding practice is rapidly driving forward the quality of teaching."
  • "Pupils of all abilities make good progress as they move through the school."
  • "Observations in lessons, and pupils' work, confirm the school's own evaluation that teaching is almost always good or better."
  • "A growing proportion of pupils make outstanding progress because of some excellent teaching in each year group."
  • "Pupils do particularly well in mathematics and often in reading. Many are able to solve problems speedily."
  • "Teachers and support staff have very strong working relationships with pupils and provide them with lots of praise. This gives them confidence in what they are doing."
  • "There are several examples of outstanding teaching. Pupils are often excited by their learning and make excellent progress."
  • "Pupils' behaviour is consistently good and the large majority get on well together."
  • "Pupils have a good understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe."
  • "Parents are generally very pleased with the quality of education and care provided for their families."

Other comments from the Ofsted report:

  • "Boys and girls of all ages and abilities, including those in the IR, make good progress."
  • "A growing proportion of pupils make outstanding progress because of some excellent teaching in each year group."
  • "Staff use praise very well, particularly for those who find learning difficult. This raises pupils' self-esteem and their willingness to try even harder."
  • "Activities are often imaginative and include touches of humour. There are numerous opportunities for pupils to solve problems in a range of subjects."
  • "Teaching is good overall. There are examples of outstanding teaching including in the IR. There are also excellent practical activities for pupils in the IR to develop their social skills through 'real-life' situations."
  • "At times behaviour is outstanding."
  • "Pupils say they like school. Attendance is above average and punctuality is also good."
  • "The school provides a broad and balanced range of experiences for pupils, including those that contribute to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development."
  • "The school welcomes pupils with a diverse range of needs. The leadership of this area is very effective with excellent quality work in tracking pupils' progress and in managing their behaviour."
  • "Governance of the school is good and governors are developing their skills very well."
  • "Governors are in an increasingly strong position to challenge the school and act effectively as a critical friend."