Covid-19 Response: Policies & Procedures

Here are our Covid-19 Response Policies & Procedures that you may wish to download:

Covid-19 Risk Assessment - September 2021

Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan - September 2021

Remote Education Provision: Information for Parents

Remote Learning Policy

SEND during Covid-19 Lockdown

Learning Policies

Here are some of our learning policies that you may wish to download:

Teaching and Learning Policy

Feedback and Marking Policy

Maths Policy

Maths Calculation Policy 2021

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (Maths) Policy

Family Flier for Spelling Changes

Religious Education (RE) Policy

Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE) Policy

Spelling Policy

Reading Policy

Home Learning Policy

Remote Learning Policy

Learn how our new approach to spelling helped children make 20 months progress in an academic year and how we've proven that a home reading culture helps accelerate learning in school. It's all revealed in these two family-friendly documents:

Spelling at Nook Lane

Reading at Home