Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability (SEND)

Every early year setting, school and college must outline what their local offer is to children and young people with special educational needs and/or a disability (SEND).

Nook Lane's Information Reports can be downloaded below:

SEN Information Report 2018-2019

SEND Local Offer 2018: Mainstream provision

SEND Local Offer 2018: Integrated Resource provision

Other SEN-related policies/documents (may be duplicated from School Policies above.):

Inclusion Policy 2017

Accessibility Plan 2018

Emotional Health & Wellbeing Policy 2017

What we do at Nook Lane if we have concerns about a child

Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Policy 2018

Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Flowchart 2018

SEND Parent Questionnaire Results 2017

SEND Parent Questionnaire Results 2018

Further information about the Local Offer in Sheffield is available from the Sheffield Directory:

SEND - Local Offer: Support and services for children and young people

Learning Policies

Here are some of our learning policies that you may wish to download:

Teaching and Learning Policy

Feedback and Marking Policy

Calculation Policy 2019

Maths Policy 2019

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (Maths) Policy 2019

Family Flier for Spelling Changes

RE Policy 2019 (draft policy for parental comments)

Spelling Policy

Reading Policy

Home Learning Policy

Learn how our new approach to spelling helped children make 20 months progress in an academic year and how we've proven that a home reading culture helps accelerate learning in school. It's all revealed in these two family-friendly documents:

Spelling at Nook Lane

Reading at Home