Nook Lane Pupil Voice

At Nook Lane the views and ideas of the pupils are really valued. As well as the School Council we also have Pupil Curriculum Groups. Children were asked to volunteer to advise on different subjects and aspects of the school.

Every term each group of pupils and the subject co-ordinator teacher meet to discuss how things are progressing in the subject and children are invited to make contributions to future activities or events. This means that all the children at Nook Lane are consulted about their curriculum, the pastoral support they receive and the impact of the school's Positive Behaviour Policy on their learning and well-being.

Find out more about our Pupil Curriculum Groups and their work on our Curriculum page.

Meet the Nook Lane School Council

The School Council 2019/20

Every September we have School Council elections. All pupils are invited to stand for election. Those taking part are asked to prepare a short speech about why they should be elected and the changes they would like to make to the school.

A boy and girl are elected to represent each year group and one child is elected to represent the Integrated Resource.

School Council meet every half term with Mr Arbon-Davis and Mrs Wilkinson. Each class has an agenda meeting before the School Council meeting to raise ideas for the meeting.

Our new School Council had their first meeting in September after each class had voted for their first agenda item.

Bradfield Parish Council Visit - Summer Term 2018

During the summer term, our School Council made the annual visit to Bradfield Parish Hall to hold one of their meetings.

As always, everyone had a really lovely time. We were really well looked after by Pam Burgoyne who has enabled us to visit the hall for many years now.

The Council discussed plans for the Calm Corner in school. Fund raising has allowed us to purchase 3 benches for the corner and these are now being used every day by children who want to sit somewhere to be calm and chat quietly with friends. Families have been very generous in donating resources for the corner, these include Top Trump cards, soft toys and puzzles.

Learning Walk

The School Council completed a tour of the school with Mr Arbon-Davis and Mrs Wilkinson in the Autumn Term. They made a list of the things that they like or are proud of at Nook Lane and suggestions for making the school an even better place to be.

What do you think? Let your class council member know.

Things we love about our school Suggestions for the future
- ICT suite - More things to play with at play time
- Integrated Resource - helps children who may need extra help, to learn well and make friends - Could we change the ICT displays?
- Dining hall has lovely displays which make it a nice place to eat in - Could we have rainbow coloured tables in the dining room or lots of different colour tables?
- Outside space and area is beautiful - Could we join tables together so there is less stress if you are not sitting with your friend?
- Hall is colourful and interesting with lots of lovely displays - Could we have more seating outside so that we can sit and talk to our friends?
- Entrance is 'warm and welcoming', 'It's like going home'. - More Art!
- Staff help us feel safe and happy. They are funny.  
- Learning is fun and we love going on trips and visits  
- We love themed days and like dressing up  
- Lunch Supervisors are nice and kind and help us with our friends  
- Art is great and we see it all around school  


Some of the things the council have been discussing this year:

  • Doors for quiet area
  • Bike racks
  • Singing assembly - could it be longer so that songs can be learnt quickly and more songs learnt.
  • Planters outside classrooms with herbs etc
  • Water fountain replaced with cooler
  • New football posts. Replacing the football nets.
  • Vary the school disco night so that children can attend at least one.
  • More wet play games needed.
  • Drama lessons in school

One of the suggestions at a School Council meeting this year was for classes to have their piece of garden. After lots of discussion it was decided that each class could have a class planter outside of their classroom and choose to grow herbs, vegetables or flowers. School Council met with parents from Friends of Nook Lane and discussed the best way to raise money for class planters.

FoNL agreed to contribute half of the cost of the planters, compost and seeds if the School Council could raise half the cost. On Friday 5th July School Council organised a No Uniform Day and raised £144! Thank you to everyone who took part and contibuted in the day. The planters have now arrived and will be constructed in the summer holiday.

In September, each class will be presented with their class planter and they can decide what to grow! Thank you to FoNL for helping School Council to achieve this.

Comments from our Council Members

  • Y3 - 'I like how things can change and buying things to improve things for us'.
  • Y3 - 'It's interesting, you are part of running the school'.
  • Y4 - 'It helps us to represent the core value of having a pupil voice in school'.
  • Y4 - 'It's awesome, helping the school to get even better'.
  • Y5 - 'I enjoy it because we use our ideas to help the school'.
  • Y5 - 'It's good as the children have their say about how they would like the school to be'.
  • Y6 - 'I like bringing ideas together'.
  • Y6 - 'It's such good experience, having responsibility, like being the Deputy-Deputy Head'.

Difference & Diversity - Pupil Voice assemblies

One of the school's core values is to understand and celebrate difference and diversity in our school, local, and global communities.

A few years ago, a pupil in school asked if he could present information in an assembly about his vision difficulties - nystagmus. It was a huge success. Every child, and member of staff in school listened attentively to his every word and learnt so much about his condition.

Since that day, many more children have approached Mrs Wilkinson and requested the opportunity to share their profile/difficulty with the school to ensure that the many different needs of our students are listened to and understood.

Not only are the children who have already shared their experiences and conditions very brave in standing up in front of the whole school, they did so with such confidence and clarity, they have been a joy to observe.

Pupil Voice Assemblies - 2018/19

It has been another fabulous year as our children share their experiences and stories about their learning differences and how they have made progress.

We are always so impressed with how knowledgeable our children are about the different learning, health and emotional differences within our school community and how well they celebrate and support each other's needs.

Themes and topics covered this year have included:

  • Finding spelling tricky
  • Me and my dyslexia
  • Me and my autism
  • Sensory integration
  • Fundraising for a family member undergoing a kidney transplant
  • How cancer has affected my family
  • Being a young carer
  • How to manage your worries using red and green thoughts

We are looking forward to another interesting and informative year during 2020 when we find out more about the amazing children in our school.

Pupil Voice Assemblies - 2017/18

It has been another fabulous year of interesting, entertaining, informative and emotional pupil voice assemblies from the wonderful children at Nook Lane.

Over the year Mrs Wilkinson has continued to work with children who want to inform others about their own individual needs or the needs of those close to them.

Thank you for sharing your personal stories and journeys related to:

  • Dyspraxia
  • Visual stress
  • Diabetes
  • Dyslexia
  • Cancer
  • ADHD
  • Being adopted
  • Family members with Alzhiemer's Disease
  • Swine flu
  • Having a sibling with autism
  • Being a Young Carer
  • Helping less fortunate children in Sheffield have a birthday cake - fundraiser project.

The year is not over and there are a few more exiting presentations to listen to. Expect more information on being a good global citizen!

Pupil Voice Assemblies - 2016/17

We have had a fantastic start to the new school year with our eagerly awaited weekly pupil led assemblies!

Mrs Wilkinson has been working closely with pupils in school who want to inform and share information either about their own individual needs or their needs of a family member or friend. As always, the assemblies have been fascinating, insightful, thoughtful, helpful and incredibly moving.

So far this school year we have learnt more about a range of needs including: dyspraxia, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, sensory integration, coeliac, anxiety, dementia, blood cells and epilepsy.

In a recent assembly we met a couple of very beautiful guide dogs and learnt all about how they are trained. This was followed by a Non-Uniform Day to raise money for guide dog training. We raised over £100!

One of our Year 5 pupils invited the charity Sparkle to support him in his assembly in speaking about Asperger Syndrome and what it means to his life.

We have also found out about different religions followed in school.

The assemblies will continue in the spring and summer term as so many children feel motivated to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings about their different conditions.