SATs 2019

I would like to share Nook Lane's end of Key Stage 2 SATS results with the school community and to congratulate the children and teaching staff for all their hard work and dedication in achieving excellent academic results.

2019 End Of Key Stage 2 SATs Results

Our 2018 KS2 Performance Tables can be found on the Department for Education website. However, for our 2019 results, the figures are summarized below.

Figures refer to all 59 children in the cohort (including 2 children in the IR).

EXP+ (Expected Standard and above)

GD/HS (Greater Depth/Higher Standard)

Subject 2019 Nook Lane EXP+ 2019 National EXP+ 2019 Nook Lane GD/HS 2019 National GD/HS
Combined reading, writing and maths 78%
(up 5% from 2018)
(up 1% from 2018)
(up 7% from 2018)
(same as 2018)
Writing 90%
(up 8% from 2018)
(same as 2018)
(up 5% from 2018)
(same as 2018)
Reading 86%
(up 1% from 2018)
(down 2% from 2018)
(up 1% from 2018)
(down 1% from 2018)
Maths 81%
(up 1% from 2018)
(up 3% from 2018)
(up 19% from 2018)
(up 2% from 2018)
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 85%
(up 14% from 2018)
(same as 2018)
(up 10% from 2018)
(up 1% from 2018)

These results represent Nook Lane's highest attainment scores in all areas, except writing at Greater Depth, since the new tests and writing frameworks were introduced in 2016; pupils achieved 33% GD in writing in 2017, although the two sets of results are not really comparable given the further changes to the writing assessment frameworks in the last couple of years.

To put this in context with national 2019 Key Stage 2 results, 65% of Year 6 children in the country achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths (commonly known as the combined measure). This was an increase from the previous year's national figure of 64%. Nook Lane's outcomes (78%) are well above this national average.

It is worth noting that whilst there has been a marginal increase in children nationally meeting the expected standard compared with last year, over a third of the Year 6 children in the country have not yet met the more exacting standards in all three core areas.

We are particularly delighted with the proportion of children achieving the combined Higher Standard/Greater Depth in reading, writing and maths (22%) which again is well above national figures (10%).

Two of our whole-school priorities this academic year have been maths and grammar, punctuation and spelling. Unsurprisingly, these areas were also identified by Ofsted in March as further areas for development so it is really pleasing that we have been successful in improving pupils' attainment outcomes in these subjects.

The proportion of children achieving the Higher Standard for maths in 2019 is almost double last year's outcomes and is well above national figures. This clearly shows that the children have been challenged to aim high. Perhaps, the inspection came a few months too early to recognise the impact of this challenge!

It is interesting to look at outcomes for pupils at the Higher Standard in maths and how they have increased since 2016.

Maths 2016 2017 2018 2019
% EXP+ 79% 68% 80% 81%
% HS 10% 12% 23% 42%

Several factors have contributed to this in my opinion, not least Mrs Bullen's excellent leadership of this subject; the adoption of the mastery approach; moving away from setting in maths; and the impact of greater challenge for pupils. Also, I think it shows that new initiatives take a few years to have the desired impact. The school now needs to maintain this level of attainment in maths, subject to cohort variations, and aim to increase the proportion of children achieving the expected standard+, which apart from the dip in 2017, has been quite static at around 80% in recent years.

Pleasingly, the school has also secured major increases in pupils' attainment outcomes in GPS in 2019 at Expected + and the Higher Standard than was evident in the last three years. Given our whole-school focus on GPS, I would like to see this become a trend for the school in the future.

GPS 2016 2017 2018 2019
% EXP+ 72% 70% 71% 85%
% HS 26% 28% 34% 42%

Well done to all children and teaching staff at Nook Lane for their hard work and commitment in achieving such tremendous results.

How did we do in previous years?