SATs 2017

2017 End Of Key Stage 2 Test Results & Teacher Assessments For Writing

(Total cohort number: 60 pupils)

Our 2016 KS2 Performance Tables can be found on the Department for Education website. However, for our 2017 results, the figures are summarized below.

The table below shows Nook Lane's headline results for children who reached the expected standard and for those pupils who attained greater depth. There were a large number of children (6) in the year group who were in the Integrated Resource, many of whom are working below the standards expected in the more challenging revised curriculum. Data in the table below shows percentages for all 60 children and for 54 mainstream pupils in brackets.

Subject Nook Lane Expected Standard National Figures Expected Standard Nook Lane Greater Depth National Figures Greater Depth
Maths 68% (74%) 75% 12% (13%) 23%
Reading 60% (64%) 71% 28% (29%) 25%
Writing 83% (89%) 76% 33% (36%) 18%
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling 70% (74%) 77% 28% (29%) 31%
Combined reading, writing & maths 52% (55%) 61% 8% (9%) 9%

Writing is teacher assessed rather than being tested by a formal SATs exam. This year, Nook Lane was externally moderated by the Local Authority for writing. The moderator who looked at a sample of children's work (15% - 9 pupils) was in agreement with our assessments which was pleasing.

We are absolutely delighted with the writing assessments at both the expected standard and at greater depth. We seem to have got the formula right for writing in the last few years across school.

We are also really pleased with the proportion of children who have achieved greater depth in reading.

The proportion of children reaching the expected standard in reading (and to a lesser extent in maths) was lower than we had anticipated and this had a knock-on effect on combined outcomes at the expected standard for reading, writing and maths. The threshold for the expected standard in the reading test increased by 5 marks compared with last year so unfortunately this impacted on the results for several children who were so close to this higher threshold. In addition, several children struggled with the final reasoning maths paper in particular, which was very challenging.

However, none of this should detract from so many children's individual successes over the year and throughout their time at Nook Lane. A child's individual performance on a given day in a test can be affected by a whole range of factors that do not always do justice to his or her performance in lessons across the year.

We are extremely proud of the hard-work and commitment that the children and teachers have shown.

Next year we aim to continue our pattern of success in writing and to achieve comparable results in reading and maths.