Year 6 2018/19

Autumn 1 Term - Kelham Island

The Y6s enjoyed a fabulous day out at Kelham Island Museum in October learning about life on the 'Home Front' during WWII. We enjoyed learning about evacuation, air-raids, enemy aircraft, the Home Guard as well as life in the motions factory making 'Sheffield Steel' which was used to make crank shafts, explosives and lots of other important equipment used in the war.

The children participated with enthusiasm and all came suitably attired in their WWII costumes. What a great day!

Autumn 1 Term - Year 6 at the Madina Mosque

On Monday 8th October 2018, the Y6s enjoyed spending the morning at the Madina Mosque in Sheffield. Zahid, our tour-guide for the morning, showed us the inside of the Mosque and explained to us some of the important principles that a practising Muslim would live their life by.

We were captivated by the building and its beautiful, geometric tiling, particularly in the prayer room where a whole wall was devoted this. The children thoroughly enjoyed seeing the washrooms, where Zahid explained ablution in detail.

What a privilege it was to visit such an inspiring building and learn about its importance to the Muslim community!