A day in the life of Nook Lane

What's been happening at Nook Lane?

Achievement Assembly - 14th October 2019

Every Monday we celebrate children's achievements in a short assembly.

Children are given a certificate to showcase their success (with an emphasis on core values and their learning, especially reading).

See more on our Achievement Assemblies page ...

Y6 Football

Y6 Football Training has commenced on a Monday evening 3.35pm - 4.45pm.

Come and join us - everyone welcome!

Day: Mondays

Time: 3.35pm - 4.45pm

Parent / Family Talks

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents and family members who gave up their time to come in to school during the summer term to talk to classes and the whole school about their hobbies and jobs.

We were treated to a wide variety of fascinating and entertaining talks - find out more on our Parents' Area page.

It would be fabulous to hear from more parents and family members during the new school year. Look out for a letter from Mrs Wilkinson in the autumn term!

2019 End Of Key Stage 2 SATs Results

I would like to share Nook Lane's end of Key Stage 2 SATS results with the school community and to congratulate the children and teaching staff for all their hard work and dedication in achieving excellent academic results.

These results represent Nook Lane's highest attainment scores in all areas, except writing at Greater Depth, since the new tests and writing frameworks were introduced in 2016.

This year's End Of Key Stage 2 SATs Results can be found on our Results page ...

Winning Ways in DT

The DT curriculum groups asked for an afterschool club where they could link DT and computing. The AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) based at Sheffield University provided the children with a project where they could design, make and test a product using CAD technology and use a 3D printer.

The children used tinkerCAD to design a boat, these were then printed on a 3D printer and then tested in water. The winning design can be seen on our News from Nook Lane page ...

Citizenship Awards - Summer Term 2019

What a wonderful end to a very busy summer term! Teachers were asked to nominate children who had 'travelled the furthest' during the school year in their social and emotional development.

It was fabulous to hear about so many of our pupils who had gone the extra mile in supporting their friends, helping out in the community and being outstanding role models in school in understanding and managing their feelings. See more on our Citizenship Awards page ...

We also celebrated the amazing work that Nook Lane's volunteers do in school. We are incredibly fortunate in having a wonderful team of people who give up their time to support learning at Nook Lane.

It was lovely to hear our volunteers speak with such passion about the work they do in school and how much it means to them. We were delighted that so many of them were able to attend and join us for a cup of tea afterwards.

Supporting Children's Emotional Health

All pupils complete a SEAL (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning) baseline questionnaire every year. It is really good to see how well our children understand themselves and how to support their own emotional well-being, mental health and behaviour.

We use the information to monitor and support individual children and groups of pupils and work with families if appropriate.

2019 SEAL questionnaire results  |  How we support children's Emotional Health.